My sister children-of-skyrim noticed another parallel on Httyd 2.
The two statues that appears on the begging of the movie probably represent Stoick and Hiccup.
The right one is Hiccup. He has one of the horns broken (a possible analogy to his broken leg) and has a sword. In the movie his weapon of choice is a sword. And in the books Hiccup is THE better swordsman in the whole archipelago (the book plot depends on this).
And the one on the left is Stoick (duhh). He carries an axe, and is behind Hiccup!Statue ( a possible analogy to the father that always watches for his son. And Stoick IS this father)
And the detail that could prove it is in the end of the 2nd movie.
When the alpha is heading to Berk, he destroys with his feet the Stoick!Statue, what could be a parallel to Stoicks death.

What do you think? avannak, hiilikedragons


I mean, YES. To all of that. But Also, the one-horned Viking is a LOVELY BOOK GEM.

The broken-horned helmet is Hiccup’s thing.  Or at least a book thing.  That’s what I always loved about that statue. Book easter eggs.

Now it would be great if HTTYD3 started with some silly mishap that involved “Hiccup’s statue” getting knocked down.  And then by the end of the movie…